meet the artist 


Hi! I'm Filomena, The Hippie Witch. I started HJD back in February of 2020 with a big vision: spread love & art to as many people as possible. Plans have changed a lot since then, but the vision remains the same. 


I am currently working full time as an EMT while maintaining my shop. I have been training at Ares East Mesa Brazilian Jujitsu gym since July of 2020 and hope to someday become a black belt. I also love to spend time outdoors hiking & camping, or cooking new foods with my boyfriend! 

The big picture plan is to buy some property and have my own little farm & I will use HJD to create a farmer's market booth to sell farm items along with my tie dyes! I want to have tons of animals; chickens, goats, cows, a horse, snakes, bunnies, dogs, cats -  you name it! With this, I want to create goats milk & cows milk products for my booth. I also plan to grow a flourishing garden filled with fruits & veggies to share. Additionally, I already make all of my own household cleaning supplies & detergents that I intend to mass produce for sale. As my skills continue to grow I am sure many more things will be added to the list :-)

My hope is to someday be able to use my business to help others. I am not quite sure what that looks like yet, but I know things will fall into place. I sincerely cannot wait to get out & see the world! I am very much looking forward to encountering all of your radiant spirits along my journey. Until then, keep sending good vibes my way! ♡︎

XO - Filomena Rose